• Sinigang na Hipon

    Sinigang na Hipon

    Sinigang na hipon is one of the many Filipino sinigang recipes.  It consists of   shrimp and mixed vegetables in a tamarind base soup.  The vegetables that are usually used are radish, taro roots, okra, green beans or string beans, eggplants and kangkong (ong choy or water spinach).

  • Family Dine
  • Pancit Palabok

    Pancit Palabok

    A local favorite miki noodles topped with small crabs, spices, cornstarch sauce, tinapa (fish) flakes, shrimp, squid, chicharon, hardboiled eggs, cabbage, tofu, kalamansi, patis, monosodium glutamate, and some other stuff that would fit your taste and imagination.

  • Adobo


    Chicken Adobo is an authentic Filipino dish and is one of the mostly recognized Filipino foods. This Chicken Adobo Recipe is the simplest that you can get. Not to be mistaken with Mexican adobo, this dish is uniquely prepared by stewing chicken in vinegar and soy sauce.

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